June 13, 2024

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The Language of Casinos – Gambling Terminology Explained

Knowing these terms will make the online casino world far less intimidating and more fun!

Avoid being seen as an easy mark for sharks by staying positive and engaging with others in your community.

Table Games

Casino table games require knowing a number of terms, both generic and specific to certain games. When it comes to understanding casino table games, the language can become complicated very quickly – there are so many terms used that may pertain to multiple different titles at once!

Some of these terms include bluff (a way of misleading other players by pretending you have a weak hand when in reality it is stronger; frequently used in poker and often effective). Others refer to specific forms of betting such as totals (which involves betting whether a number will go over or under a threshold; popular form of online casino gaming).


Slot machines are gambling machines which reward winners who match up a combination of symbols on an pay-line with winning payouts, making it an immensely popular casino game choice among guests.

Hyena: is a derogatory term for unsavory casino customers who engage in money-stealing through machines. Although illegal, this practice remains widespread due to pachisuro machines’ high payouts which attract these hyenas.

Line Movement: When odds on a game shift significantly between their initial opening and when bets are being placed. This could be for any number of reasons such as an injury to one team or public betting on both sides.

Video Poker

Video poker (often known as poker slots) is a fixed-odds casino game played with cards on terminals similar to slot machines found in physical casinos. While both share similar characteristics such as skill elements and winning large sums of money, video poker differs by requiring players to make informed decisions based on what cards are dealt.

Video poker saw significant success during the 1980s, as its accessibility appealed to those who felt intimidated by table games. Since then, hundreds of variations of this type of machine gambling have been released on to the market – and new versions continue to come out constantly.


Blackjack (commonly referred to as black jack and vingt-et-un) is one of the world’s most beloved casino banking games, hailing from Europe’s vingt-et-un and pontoon card games and belonging to an extended family of gambling games that include poker, solitaire and baccarat.

This game uses a standard deck of 52 cards and follows the basic rules of standard poker. Card counting can be employed by some players to gain an edge against the house edge; many casinos eject those who attempt it. Chips represent money in land-based casinos and can be used for betting; any player continuing gambling after suffering a losing streak is known as “chasing their losses”.


Craps is a dice game in which players wager on numbers rolled by two dice to earn money by betting on them. The game takes place around a large table with its own unique layout, and casino chips instead of cash are used as currency by participants.

Craps gives the house an overwhelming advantage, and all bets placed are expected to have negative expected values due to gambler’s fallacy – the belief that previous dice rolls influence future ones – among other reasons.

Another term to keep in mind when betting on dice games is “hardway.” This refers to any number that must appear prior to seven on both dice in order to win your bet.


Gambling can be an opaque world, often making you feel as though its players speak an alien tongue. Just spend any amount of time at any casino or iGaming site and you’ll witness this – endless gambling jargon may appear foreign to someone unfamiliar with its terms.

Roulette is a game of chance that involves spinning a wheel with numbered pockets, known as “pockets.” To participate, players place chips on the table and wager on which pocket the ball will land in, whether inside or outside. Some casinos provide rules such as ‘En Prison” and “La Partage”, which decrease the bank’s advantage on even-money bets.