May 19, 2024

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Different Types of Rummy Games Played Around the World

Rummy games are enjoyed worldwide and vary based on culture, being recognized for their originality and excitement.

Rummy is a card game in which players use strategically selected cards to form sets, sequences, or melds of sets or sequences of cards discarded and picked from a stock pile. Rummy involves considerable strategy as well as skill.


Conquian is an ancient card game played between two players using a standard 40 card deck compiled of eights, nines and tens. To make one easily you can remove eights, nines and tens from a 52 card deck in order to create this particular deck for use in Conquian.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to match 11 cards into sets or groups, known as melds, using three or four of each kind and three or more of similar rank.

Runs and Sequences: In order to meld cards, they must be laid face up on the table in Runs or Sequences of three to eight cards in one suit arranged in Runs or Sequences, although 7s or Jacks may also be used depending on the rules of play to form sequences with Aces.

Each turn, players draw from the stock of cards and try to meld or discard it into valid melds on the table or add one from the discard pile into their own melds. They may also take cards from this discard pile to add to their own.

Mahjong Rummy

Rummy-type games are immensely popular around the world. Each round entails drawing a card (or tile) from either the Stock or from a discard pile, potentially creating combinations in which multiple cards meld, before discarding one or more.

Aim: to form a hand of melds by eliminating as much unmatched card material (deadwood) as possible while creating winning combinations such as sets and sequences of similar rank/value and sequences of straights or consecutive cards from one suit.

Classic Rummy has the rule that non-meld cards (known as deadwood) cannot close out a round. Gin Rummy modifies this rule to allow completion if deadwood cards have a combined value that totals 10 or less.

Penang Rummy

Rummy games can be found all around the world. While each variant may differ in some respects, their core concepts remain constant: players form sets and sequences of cards in order to score points and win the game.

Penang Rummy is a type of Rummy game popular among Asian players. The game can be played between two to five players using two standard decks of cards with six jokers serving as wild cards.

Penang Rummy stands apart from traditional rummy games by not permitting its players to draw or exchange cards; rather, they must form melds and remove deadwood to earn points and achieve victory.

The first player to declare “Game” wins the game – similar to “Going Out” or “Knocking” in other variants of rummy.

Dummy Rummy

Rummy is a timeless card game played worldwide. Each country may have different rules and variants for their version of Rummy.

Rumba involves creating sets and sequences out of 13 cards each player is dealt. When showing an correct sequence of cards, victory is awarded.

Dummy Rummy is one of the most popular variations of Rummy, played using two decks with four jokers each deck.

Dummy Rummy is similar to Contract Rummy in that players must complete 12 contracts within each round, yet with some distinct differences. One key distinction between them is that players cannot move onto another contract until having finished one first.

Dummy Rummy requires players to form legal sets or sequences of melds – known as “melds,” in each round – in addition to following its basic rules.